Faerie Series(Keychain)

  • Model: F3 Flashlight 

    Civictor F3 dual beam tactical flashlight is built-in a 330mah Li-ion battery, by which to illuminate for about 1.5 hours at 110 lumens, the luminance equals to eight candles. The duration at 5 lumens lasts about one day and a half, which is twice more as the flashlight with AAA battery. This versatile EDC is proved by the Micro USB charging port that is commonly used in any 5v output USB charger such as android phones charger, car charger, so you don't need extra buy a flashlight charger if you have 5 volt usb charger.

    Maximum brightness:110 lms

    Maximum range:40 m

    Battery type:Built-in 330mAh 3.6V