Traveler Series (Outdoor)

  • Model: T5 Flashlight

    CIVICTOR T5 1000 lumens flashlight neck heat dissipation be designed like a car dissipation ring, cool faster and dissipation evenly, and adhering car's high performance: Strong and Durable.

    Maximum brightness:1000 lms

    Maximum range: 170 m

    Battery type: 2*CR123A  1*18651

  • Model: T5R Flashlight

    Civictor T5Rset is a tactical, pocket-sized, compact handheld tactical flashlight kit featuring Micro USB recharging, with exquisite appearance, far-reaching beam 228 meters and one-handed operation.

    Maximum brightness
    1001 lms

    Maximum range:
    228 m

    Battery type: 2*CR123A  1*18651

  • Model: T5 Plus Flashlight

    T5Plus elaborately chosen single side LED without lens, together with the professional designed reflection curve, makes the long beam shine like a full moon at a distance of 365 meter. Simple, one-hand operation, dual mode (Tactical or outdoor) with 3 brightness levels and strobe make this light of choice. This ultra clear small flashlight is perfect for law enforcement, hunting, police, military, rescuing, and other demanding applications..

    Maximum brightness
    900 lms

    Maximum range: 365 m

    Battery type: 2*CR123A  1*18651

  • Model:T4 Headlamp

    CIVICTOR T4 is an ultra lightweight rechargeable headlamp flashlight specifically designed for trail running, walking. With built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery, it can be charged through Micro USB port. Featuring spotlight and floodlight, plus IPx4 waterproof rated structure and reflective headband, the portable waterproof headlamp T4 is competent for the complex environments of trail running and long distance hiking

    Maximum brightness:350 lms

    Maximum range:75 m

    Battery type: Built-in 1350mAh 3.6V

  • Model: T7 Flashlight

    Civictor T7 is a super bright big powerful flashlight with far-reaching beam 365 meter,it features high performance and reliability to pay a tribute to the classic of the off-road vehicles Jeep. The measured 900 high lumens output is comparable to a car headlight. 

    Maximum brightness:900 lms

    Maximum range: 365 m

    Battery type: 1*26650