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About Civictor

More Than Just Being Bright

Shenzhen Langheng Limited is a leading outdoor sport lighting brand as well as a national high-tech enterprise which specializes in R&D, manufacturing and selling of outdoor sport lighting tools, including mid/high-end flashlights, headlamps, bike lights and camping lanterns, as well as accessories, etc. 
      The CIVICTOR brand has successfully entered the major outdoor and military markets. Fenix products are being sold to over 100 countries and regions worldwide.                                                          
      ALL CIVICTOR TORCH ARE TESTED TO ANSI/NEMA FL1-2009 STANDARDS. In the meantime, Langheng has brought in the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. We are booming, and we are devoted to getting connected with the international standards from product R&D, quality control and customer care. 
      Paying close attention to customers’ changing demands, concentrating on innovative lighting technology and solutions, Civictor constantly develops LED lighting tools of excellent performance and high reliability, and exquisite craftsmanship satisfies customers’ pursuit of versatile illumination tools of the highest standard. Furthermore, outstanding customer service backup ensures total peace of mind to our customers. Our products are being widely used in EDC, outdoor activities, military, industry, security, law enforcement, etc. As Civictor promises, every listed product fulfills the mission of excellent performance, reliable quality and caring service, the Civictor brand has become well-known globally and has won unanimous approval as the premium and devoted LED lighting brand.