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About Civictor

Langheng Electronic Co., Ltd is a leading outdoor sport lighting company as well as a national high-tech enterprise The brand Fenix which specializes in R&D, manufacturing and selling of outdoor sport lighting tools, including mid/high-end flashlights, headlamps, bike lights and camping lanterns, as well as accessories, etc. The Fenix brand has successfully entered the major outdoor and military markets. Fenix products are being sold to over 100 countries and regions worldwide.     
The Fenix brand has now become a member of the major international industry associations such as: OIA (Outdoor Industry Association), EOG (European Outdoor Group), PLATO (Portable Lights American Trade Organization) and NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation). 

The brand Civictor which also belongs to Langheng Electronic Co., Ltd, has started its sailing as well. Professional R&D team which consists of senior engineers, high-standard manufacturing and quality control system, ensure reliable products which will never fail the users. The Civictor products are positioned in more daily use scenes and application, which eliminates the needs for excess, thus reducing cost pressure and expanding design space; resulting in more fashionable design and practical value. In addition, targeted design based on sub-division scene, making Civictor products more handy and effective in daily life. 

Civictor, not just bright!